Skomal is coming back for a shark talk

Greg Skomal, the state’s leading expert on great white sharks, is coming back to Martha’s Vineyard next week to talk about his ongoing research....

Lobsters returned to the water

On Sunday, July 15, $1,000 worth of lobsters were released at Memorial Wharf and swept out to sea by the current.As part of...

Paper straws drink up renewed popularity

How big of a difference can one straw make?Many Island restaurants and eateries have joined a growing movement by offering environmentally friendly paper straws...

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David Stanwood, right, at age 7, when his family visited Cuba, in front of a portrait of his great-grandfather Snare. — Courtesy David Stanwood

David Stanwood’s Cuba Circles 

A painting, a Steinway, sailing, and people. The Lambert’s Cove piano innovator returns to Cuba after 60 years and finds some things he lost, and some new treasures, too.

“Finally Aldo introduced me to the Steinway. It is in a soundproof room which he has just built as a studio. It was in pretty tough shape. I brought new parts and felts, along with my own specialized skills honed by 40 years of experience. I rolled up my sleeves and got started.

“I put in many days of work on the piano to bring it into an improved condition. Then it came down to the moment when Aldo would sit down and test the result.”

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