Grant buckles in safety in Oak Bluffs


Oak Bluffs police will use a new $2,500 grant to purchase car seats and booster seats for those who cannot afford them. Sergeant Michael Marchand is one of three Oak Bluffs officers trained and certified to properly install safety seats. They install approximately 100 child safety seats every year.

“We can better serve parents and caregivers who want to protect their children,” Sgt. Marchand said in a news release.

Traffic statistics show car accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages three to 14, according to police. Under Massachusetts law, police officers may stop a motor vehicle if they observe a child riding without a car seat or other proper restraint. A driver may be fined up to $25 for each improperly restrained child.

“We can also keep reminding adults that they must set a good example for kids,” Sgt. Marchand said.