Swish, swish, swish


To the Editor:

Good morning, Mom, Dad, and Brother Ian. Dress quickly now, we have a long day ahead.

Ah neat. Help mother make snacks, pack the bottled water. Find the beach towels, the lotion, pack it all in the green tote for a fun day at the beach.Hello, the ticket agent is nice, and the waves today are good. Dad gets a great spot on the Vineyard ferry.

Good morning, sea gulls, loose dogs, day-trippers, weekenders and Islanders. All aboard for the Vineyard and a fun time on the beach.

Look, wow, in the distance. What is that? Mom says windmills on the wind farm. Someone the next row back says a nasty.

I say no, they’re pretty and functional; listen, and hear that rhythmic swish, swish, swish. I say it’s adults working with nature for a change.

Here on the beach with Mom, Dad, and Brother Ian, the water’s clear, the waves constant. And there in the distance small white objects, assuring me and others that tonight, as we sleep soundly, power is flowing from each windmill.Clean power now, free of pollutants, bountiful, free power. Just from a swish — swish — swish. James Cage

Oak Bluffs