Morning Glory turbine ought to have been placed elsewhere


To the Editor:

I am a proponent of wind and other alternative energy projects, but that does not mean we can not be considerate to our neighbors, or to the Island. I question: Was it proper planning to allow a relatively large wind turbine to be installed at Morning Glory Farm, so close to a scenic roadside district? Wasn’t it possible to set this turbine far enough off the road to lessen the impact?

The owner has been a member of the MVC for many years and sat in on planning sessions to restrict other wind turbines, so what happened here? Even if there was a farm exemption, shouldn’t the owner have set a better example to reduce the impact by at least placing the turbine outside of the roadside district?

Once again, I find life on this Island too often hypocritical, when it seems we apply our standards differently to different individuals. Would the newspaper articles and opinions have been different if the late Ernie Boch had just installed the same turbine in Edgartown?

I think it is especially important that our respected planners set the correct example for others to follow. As I said in my last letter, I would rather see a few large turbines that we all benefit from, than several hundred small turbines very few of us benefit from.

Paul D. AdlerWest Tisbury