Slaughterhouse needed


To the Editor:

History tells us that during the Revolutionary War the crews from British ships took a great number of sheep to slaughter for the meat. As yet, now almost 250 years later, they have not offered payment.

During this time the many residual retaining rock walls have greatly increased in number and the cost of good, fresh cuts of meat has gradually increased, in part due to off-Island slaughtering.

A while ago a slaughterhouse on wheels was available here for chickens, turkeys, and ducks but didn’t serve the real purpose.

This Island is now home to more than 50 farms with extensive retaining rock walls, meadows and fertile open land that could feed many cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats.

Interest is developing in conducting a centralized, well equipped slaughterhouse, permanently available on the Island.

In addition, a portion of the finished product could become a source of year-round employment and a real export, which we need.

The federal government is showing an interest, has agreed to contribute $40,000 for determination of need, location and cost.

Let’s get behind such a promising endeavor. Speak to your neighbor, farmer, and friendly politician.

J. Walter Knapp