I went to the beach every day this past weekend and I am exhausted. Why is fun so tiring? I mean I didn’t do much; jumped in the water, built sand castles, ate snacks, made sure my kid didn’t drown — you know, the usual beach routine, but I don’t feel the least bit refreshed.

I think it might be a combination of the sun; for even though I am a great slatherer of sun block, I think I got a little burn, running after my kid and then the walk back to the Philbin parking lot schlepping a boogie board, a couple of buckets, and two bags. Really, that walk can take it out of you: you start out revived and relaxed having just frolicked on the beach and in the water, and by the end you are right back where you started — sweaty, covered in sand, hot, and needing a swim. On a side note: Can we do something about the poison ivy that literally runs the entire length of the path?

This Saturday is the fourth annual Native Artisan’s Festival, sponsored by the Aquinnah Cultural Center. It will be from 11 am to 4 pm at the Vanderhoop Homestead up at the Cliffs. This is a great event, lots of beautiful, handmade work and great people.

I talked to Cathy at the library this weekend and she wanted to remind people that story time is on Saturdays at 11 am, so come on in. There will also be a speaker series starting at the end of the month, but she didn’t have everything quite lined up yet, so I will give out the details as I get them.

Feeling sluggish from too many barbecues and glasses of wine? Try Jan Buhrman’s Seasonal Cleanse on Monday, July 26 from 9 am to 12 noon. The price is $60, which includes a class, a demonstration, and lunch. If you are not interested in cleansing, just more cooking and eating, she is offering an Eastern Mediterranean Seasonal Dinner on Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm. Call 508-645-5000 for all the details.

The Vineyard House annual water tasting fund raiser will be next Thursday, July 29 from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Friedman Estate in Edgartown. Tickets are $75, and proceeds go to support the Vineyard House, the only sober living facility on the Island. Call 508-693-8580 or email for more details.

As I was doing my dump run last week, I chatted with Amanda Hutchinson, who was filling in for Natalie on that day, and she told me that her daughter, Alana, and Molly Fischer were on some state lacrosse team and that they were doing very well and would probably come in second for the season. Nice work, ladies.

Happy Birthday to Jed Smith, whose birthday was this past Sunday.

Take a deep breath — August is almost here. I myself have created a new mantra that I have already started repeating in preparation for the insanity that can ensue. It goes like this: I am patient (in traffic), I am forgiving (in the face of entitlement), I am grateful (that it is only one month).

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