Campaign against human trafficking in Oak Bluffs


This Sunday evening, August 8, the Not For Sale Campaign will give a compelling, one-hour presentation on human trafficking, specifically the sex-slave industry, at the Oak Bluffs Tabernacle.

The human sex trade is an extremely sad and dire situation that has solutions. The Not For Sale Campaign is an organization based out of California that seeks to mobilize activists and find ways to defeat the human sex trade in our lifetime.Due to the clandestine nature of the business, one of the best ways to help is to learn.

The event is free of charge and is sponsored by the Faith Community Church. There will be a free-will offering, where money donated will go to the organization.

“This issue is so huge, the question is what we can do about it,” says Jeff Winter, pastor of the Faith Community Church. “There are so many people who want to be socially conscious and this issue is a compelling way to start.”

The presentation will begin at 7:30 pm. For more information on the Not For Sale Campaign visit