holmes hole sailing


The Holmes Hole sailors were greeted on Sunday with an east-southeast wind of 10 knots that held for both morning and afternoon races.

The race committee called for a morning course from nun 6 to red nun 4 at West Chop to red bell 2 in the Sound to buoy nun RWNW then to green bell 23 near O.B., with a final leg to red nun 6 in Vineyard Haven Harbor.

First to finish in the A Division was Phil Hale in Mischief. Second was Steve Besse in Apres, followed by (3) Bob Jewett in Andiamo II, (4) Roger Becker in Gloria, (5) Mike Loberg in Masquerade, (6) Geoff Gibson in Latonka, (7) Matt Thomas in Grasshopper and (8) Kathy Logue in Rocinante II.

John and Lisa Stout led the B Division with (2) Dan Culkin in Magic Time, (3) Rebecca Colson in Nonsuch, (4) Jim Pringle in Myfanwy and (5) Mo Flam in Lumia.

Eleven boats posted for the afternoon race of five miles won by Frank Satula in Magic Twanger with (2) Mike Loberg, (3) Phil Hale, (4) Steve Besse and (5) Andy Berry following.

First in the B Division were John and Lisa Stout in Isabella, Tom and Laurie Welch were second in Eastaway, followed by (3) David Lott in Avanti, (4) Mo Flam in Lumia, (5) Rebecca Colson in Silhouette and (6) Joe Vera in Sole E Mare.

The Thursday race attracted 13 sailors. Finishing first was Stephen Besse with (2) Jerry Goodale, (3) Phil Hale, (4) Mary Worrell and David Brown, (5) John and Lisa Stout, (6) Rick Haslet, (7) Dan Culkin, (8) Richard Glaser, (9) Andy Berry, (10) Roger Becker (11) David Lott, (12) Kathy Logue, and (13) Mo Flam.