Pay up to cycle


To the Editor:

After reading the recent articles concerning bike paths on the Vineyard, I might make a couple of suggestions. First, as in my last letter concerning bike paths, many of the paths are in disrepair and need some major overhauling before there are accidents for other reasons.

I am on the road often with a vehicle as I usually take out one of my antique cars for a pleasure drive. Not being in a hurry I am amazed at the driving ability of many on the Island, especially the tailgating and those who have the need to use their cell phones while driving. They are not alone, as I have seen some pretty dumb bikers on Vineyard Roads. It should be clear to everyone that Vineyard roads are inadequate for the traffic that now exists. I for one would not bike on the highways, as my remaining years are too valuable to me.

Anyway to my point. I see several changes being suggested to accommodate bicycles on the Vineyard. I think its about time bicycle riders started paying their own way. My vehicles pay for road taxes in equal amounts to others, even though they may only see 500 miles a year.

I applaud that bike path changes are in the works, but it is time to start a license/ registration program for bicycles that use Vineyard roads. Each and every bike on Martha’s Vineyard should pay a registration fee to subsidize the cost of these improvements. Vacationers could pay before their bikes boarded the SSA in Woods Hole. Islanders could pay according to year-round or seasonal resident status.

It was not that many years ago when, as a child on Martha’s Vineyard, I had a license tag on the back of my bike.

Don Macdonald

West Tisbury