VFA Soccer


Second season soccer

Tuesday evening at Veterans War Memorial Park, the Atlantic Football Club defeated Monto Orthopedics 1-0. The lone goal was scored by Stephen Lampard.

Even so, Monto remains atop the Group B standings with a two-win, one-loss record. Shirley’s Hardware has one win and one loss. Atlantic FC, having lost previously to Monto Orthopedics and lost to Shirley’s Hardware, trails at 1–2.

In Group A, Sports Haven defeated MV Celtic 1-0. Declan McBride scored the only goal. Sports Haven and MV Celtic have the same 2-1 record. Coop deVille has yet to win in the second season. It has lost twice.

Standings at the conclusion of the first season

Team G W L T Pts Gf Ga Gd

MV Celtic 10 6 2 2 20 19 8 11

Atlantic FC 10 6 2 2 20 17 9 8

Shirley’s Hrdw 10 4 1 5 17 14 11 3

Sports Hvn 10 3 5 2 11 12 13 -1

Coop de Ville 10 3 5 2 11 16 22 -7

Monto Ortho 10 0 7 3 3 8 22 -14

The first season

At the end of the first half of the M.V. Football Assn. (soccer) summer season, the MV Celtics and the Atlantic Football Club were tied at the top, both with six wins, two losses, and two ties. Both finished with 20 points, but the Celtics had scored 19 goals and given up 8 for a difference of 11. Atlantic had 17 goals and given up 9, a difference of 8. Advantage Celtics.

The second season

The League changes its format for the second season. The six-team league is divided into two three-team groups

Group A is MV Celtic, Sports Haven and Coop deVille. The B Group is Atlantic FC, Shirley’s Hardware and Monto Orthopedics.

As of Tuesday, the Celtics lead Group A with two wins and no losses or ties. Sports Haven is second at 1 and 1. Coop deVille has lost both of its games. No surprises there.

But in Group B, Monto Orthopedics, which had gone through season one without a single win, was leading in season two with two wins, no losses.

Sports Haven, at 1 and 1, was second and the Atlantic Football Club which led the league through most of July finishing the first season at 6-2-2, trailed at 0 for 2.