Chappy bulletin board


To the Editor:

There is a community bulletin board on the Chappy ferry house on the Chappaquiddick side. For five summers now I have posted flyers of events at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center. Mostly, these flyers have been 8 ½; x 11. All five summers someone removed these flyers after a few days, but this time the flyer was removed within 24 hours. Nora Guthrie is coming to the Hebrew Center August 22 to speak about her father, Woody Guthrie, and the flyer announced that event. I posted it Sunday morning, August 15. On Monday morning, August 16, I was back at the Chappy ferry, and the flyer was gone.

The postings on the bulletin board had been moved around somewhat, but other than an expired blueberry breakfast event, nothing else was removed. There was a newly posted babysitter ad. The bulletin board is a messy affair, filled with business cards, a dog-walking offer, home sales from a realtor, notice of a selectman’s meeting about our library, a flyer from the Federated Church, among others. The Nora Guthrie event was singled out and that notice removed.

Most Chappaquiddickers would be appalled to learn of anti-Semitism on our island, but I’m sorry to say it exists. Whoever this ignoramus is, he/she probably doesn’t even know the meaning of anti-Semitism, but his/her action is chilling. Remember, this has been going on for five summers. I hope the shame of publicity will stop this hateful individual from his/her dirty deed.

Susan L. Gomez