West Tisbury selectmen make short work of business


The summer doldrums or pre-Ag Fair anticipation so curtailed West Tisbury government business that the April 11 meeting of the selectmen took just 30 minutes. With three items of new business, no old business, and a brief mention of the correspondence received, chairman Richard Knabel moved rapidly. There was no meeting yesterday.

With Cynthia Mitchell absent, Mr. Knabel and Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter took no action on the draft Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) for the Bailey Park affordable housing project. They asked that town administrator Jennifer Rand provide the document to Habitat for Humanity officials for review.

The selectmen edited a letter to be sent to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) thanking the agency for the fast-track steps taken to address the intersection of State Road and Old County Roads. But, they added some requests for some changes.

A draft of the letter asks DOT to reconsider its placement of the delineators because the town’s “original request for delineators suggested placement on State Road only on the Vineyard Haven side of the intersection prior to the left-turn onto Old County Road.”

Mr. Manter said “the current number of delineators is beyond what we asked for.”

The letter also asked about the installation of recessed reflectors placed in the roadway along the centerline on the travel surface.

“The potential for accidents, especially in the summer, is quite real. We would like your engineers to reevaluate these grooves, and determine if filling them in might be the best course of action,” the letter said.

Mr. Knabel was adamant the reflectors be removed. “The State says that this is standard along a ‘limited access highway’, but State Road is not going to become one in my lifetime,” he said.

The August 19 meeting was canceled because Mr. Knabel and Ms. Mitchell will be on vacation. The next regularly scheduled meeting is August 25.