A familiar neighbor would like to hear from you


To the Editor:

This is to the friends of Johnny Seaview (Oliver Perry). The other day we were wondering about Johnny, haven’t seen him on the street for a while. We miss his fresh picked “posies”, chainsaw, cowboy hat, and unbelievably true stories.

By chance, the very next day I met a friend who told me that he’s in a care center in Malden. Coincidentally, the next day we found ourselves near Malden and paid him a visit. He really appreciated seeing old friends and actually said, “I didn’t think anybody cared.”

I encourage his friends to pay a visit or write a letter. He’s at: Glen Ridge Nursing Care Center, 90 Hospital Road, Malden, MA 02148-3517 (781) 395-0365.

Ask for him by his birth name, Oliver Perry.

David and Eleanor Stanwood

West Tisbury