A good visit


To the Editor:

The White House Press Corp left Mansion House today, and even with the few days of rain, it was a good visit. Every day, these men and women, who travel around the world and the country, complimented Main Street and talked about coming back. Every day, quite a few of them took breaks and returned with shopping bags. Every day they compared us favorably to some of the other Presidential destinations. A few commented that they even liked it better here than in Hawaii!

Mansion House would not have been able to provide accommodations and office space for the press without the help of our neighbors: Brickman’s, George Crawford, Educomp, Joe Grillo, Eric Hammarlund, Chamber of Commerce, and Plum TV helped us with the parking needs of the press. Thank you. Without parking help we would have been unable to provide enough spaces for the press who needed immediate access to their cars.

Even though the last week in August is usually busy, we hope that the in-town presence and excitement of the press added positively to the 2010 Tisbury season.

Susan and Sherm Goldstein

Mansion House

Vineyard Haven