Not that big a gap


To the Editor:

In response to (“Advocates map the gap in Island addiction health services” Aug. 19) in the article printed a few weeks ago, there is NOT a total “absence of any medical detox facility on the Island,” as the article clearly stated. We do have services available on-Island for our very special population afflicted by the disease of alcohol and/or drug addiction. We have services available in Vineyard Haven, at a very convenient, yet private, location. The office is Vineyard Healthcare Associates, owned and operated by Dr. P.S Kishore, a specialist in addiction medicine.

They work closely with the substance abuse team at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Island Counseling Center, sober houses, and with off-Island in-patient facilities such as Gosnold and High Point. This office will do every supportive measure possible to fight against the disease of addiction for the purpose of that person’s survival.

So, for your information, there is not that big a gap with addiction treatment on-Island.

Kelly Wheeler
Vineyard Haven