Shopping local


The crowds are starting to dwindle with the impending holiday weekend and our local business will start to feel this change first. While many count on visitors to help make it financially through the year, it ultimately becomes the long-term and year-round residents’ responsibility to be the backbone of our business community. If we want to maintain a successful year-round Island, we have to be diligent in our use of Island businesses. What better way to start than with our local retail stores, which offer us everything from clothing to home goods and hardware to groceries. The canard that our Island businesses are so much more expensive than the equivalent off-Island options is just not true, as shown by the following stores.

If you are looking to update your everyday wear, try Basics, Trader Fred’s, Green Room, Pacific Cotton, Sola, Island Outfitters, Katydid, Sun Dog, and Fresh Produce. For a more upscale look, The Great Put On, Alley Cat, Laughing Bear, Vineyard Vines, Saffron, and Chica are just a few of the amazing stores you could visit.

If you have need for recognizable Island logo clothing options, Black Dog, Menemsha Blues, Sharky’s (yes, the new kids on the block have graduated to be a recognizable Island staple as proved by their two new gift shop locations) and Beetlebung Dry Goods will serve you well.

Remember to finish off your new looks with some sunglasses purchased at Summer Shades and a piece of jewelry from Claudia’s, CB Stark, Moonstone, or Vintage Jewelry. Keep in mind a great pair of shoes should never be overlooked, as exhibited by the grand selections at Petunia’s Shoes, Eastaway, and Brickman’s.

Little ones will always be successful in their shopping endeavors at Tyler & Tallulah, Riley’s Reads, Kiddos, Whistling Fish, and the Toy Box. Speaking of reading, adults and children alike always enjoy the fresh smell of new books at Bunch Of Grapes and Edgartown Books, with both being conducive to hours of meandering during any visit.

Trying to make some do-it-yourself changes or fixes in your home? Hardware stores like Shirley’s, Granite, Edgartown Hardware (which is getting ready to expand in a new location), Phillips Hardware, and Hinckley’s all will fulfill your needs. If you are not sure what changes you want, Vineyard Decorators and Vineyard Design Center can help you with choices as well as products.

Even excellent grocery selections and prices can be had on-Island. When was the last time you stopped in to visit Bob and his family at Reliable Market? With their outstanding reputation for amazing meats and produce at low prices, your answer should be, “this week.” Have you been over to Cronig’s to see the completion of their phenomenal renovations? Let’s just say, move over Whole Foods, we have something better. Another personable, consistent mainstay that provides amazing selections is Shiretown Meats. You might even visit Morning Glory as their newly expanded farm stand offers such a selection of remarkable foodstuffs. Dinner will be guaranteed to delight.

I hope that you are starting to get the idea that we have some amazing shopping selections right here at home. I admit, a year ago when I started this column, I did not have the slightest clue on how much the Island had to offer in the way of reasonable retail. I wish I had the option this week to list all the fantastic stores we have, but instead, I will keep it to the few examples I have mentioned so that I may have the pleasure of sharing more great finds through the upcoming year.