At Tisbury School, great pride in the community, parents, educator team


Of the many fine things of which the town of Tisbury has to be proud, I believe the Tisbury School is most noteworthy. Our children excel academically, socially, and athletically. The continued success of our children is a collaborative effort of teachers, students, administrators, and parents and has resulted in the Tisbury School achieving grade level scores that annually rank among the highest in the state on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (source: Boston Globe).

Our teachers are involved in yearly staff development to help improve their skills. With the addition of research-based programs and new strategies for teaching, we continue to work diligently to make all of our students successful. Our work in vertical teaming as a component of Professional Learning Communities allows our teachers to use one another’s expertise, and craft knowledge to improve upon our best practices. We use these teams to develop the collective capacity of our entire staff through collaboration. We are confident our efforts will continue to have a tremendous impact on student achievement and help to prioritize and reorganize our resources.

Our students benefit from the continued support from our town in emphasizing a strong Unified Arts program at the Tisbury School. Students take part in vocal music, instrumental music, art, video, Spanish, practical arts, industrial arts, physical education, and computers. Add to all of this, our cultural arts events, our winter musical, our strings and band concerts, our Annual Arts Festival, our fourth grade theater project, and the many field trips to the symphony and museums, and you can see that Tisbury students have been blessed by the opportunities provided by our town and our staff.

No school is successful without the support of the parents and the community. I wish to recognize and thank the many parents who have participated in creating successful, well-educated children through their gifts of time and talent, and our supportive and committed group of parents and community members on the School Advisory Council, School Committee, and PTO, who meet regularly in support of our school. Their efforts serve as a model for our children who have given back in support of the hospital, the senior center, and the community as a whole through fundraisers and community service.

As we begin the new academic year, it is important to note that spirit is high among our students and staff at the Tisbury School. Our students and staff are exceeding expectations in achieving an ever-increasing Adequate Yearly Progress Improvement standard and excellence in the context of a standards-based climate of accountability. I believe this is due to the excitement generated over the continued success of our children and the promise of the future direction of the Tisbury School as a whole. We have much to be proud of in regards to the accomplishments of the children and staff of this great school. On behalf of our entire school community, I wish to thank all of you who continue to support our endeavors.

Richie Smith is principal of Tisbury School.