To the Editor:

On Sunday morning my husband, Joel, mowed the lawn, played two hours of singles from 11 am to one pm (with a young guy) came back home and mowed some more, went down to his favorite restaurant, the Menemsha Cafe, fixed the front door, put on two new hinges, removed the shards from a broken window, puttied in a new piece of glass, came home, cut me a pile of kindling, took a quick shower and off we went to The Yard. Three quarters of the way through, he fainted. This is our thankyou to the paramedics who were quick and smart and kind and all the folks who jumped to our aid.

Apologies to Suzanne Vega and Kay Matschullat for the interruption. We were loving the show. We promise to hydrate and keep electrolit. Again thank you everyone who helped, and know that he is back to health and will only play doubles with the elderly in the future.

Nancy Aronie