More than a boat


To the Editor:

In the first weeks of July, before the big fire, a 16-foot fiberglass skiff was taken from the Mayhew dock in Menemsha. This small boat was left to me by the late Tom Osmers, a dear friend of mine. Tom taught me how to fish in this boat and then gave it to me as my own fishing vessel for the scallop season. He built a little culling board on the port side and made for me two scallop dredges, and I fished every day I could that winter. When summer came we fished together again, just the two of us, in the little skiff out on the wide open water. On those long days, Tom taught me many things and shared with me the stories of his life.

It is most difficult to lose a good friend, and it is strange to return to the Island with him no longer here. And so, what a loss I felt even more when I found my boat was taken. It had been comforting to think of going out in our boat to all the places we had once fished together. And though I know it is just a boat to anyone else, it meant a lot to me.

It is hard letting go of what’s lost, but still I cannot help but hope for my boat’s return. If anyone may know of its whereabouts, please contact me, 508-627-2480.

Indaia Whitcombe