Bicyclist hits mother carrying baby on Main Street in Tisbury


Jeffrey Moore was pedaling a bicycle down Main Street, Vineyard Haven last Thursday morning against traffic, wearing headphones and drinking a large cup of coffee when he struck Tabitha Calheta of Edgartown as she crossed the street with her infant son.

Tisbury police officer Michael Gately, stopped in traffic, witnessed the entire incident, which occurred at 8:30 am, near the intersection of Main and Church Streets. Main Street is one-way in that section of town.

Ms. Calheta, 30, was carrying her 11-week-old infant son Michael in a car seat when she was struck. She dropped the car seat and was knocked to the ground. Officer Gately said the seat appeared to absorb most of the impact, and the baby was uninjured.

Ms. Calheta suffered abrasions on her right knee and redness on her left cheek and left hand, according to the police report.

An Oak Bluffs ambulance responded. EMTs examined Ms. Calheta and her baby for injuries. She refused transport to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

Mr. Moore, who fell to the ground after his bike struck Ms. Calheta, told Officer Gately he did not need medical attention.

In his report, Officer Gately said that as he approached the intersection of Church Street and Main Street in his police cruiser, a car in front of him stopped to allow Ms. Calheta to cross Main Street from west to east.

As she reached the travel lane, Officer Gately saw Mr. Moore hit her.

“The woman quickly picked her infant up and walked to the east side of Main Street,” Officer Gately said. “Moore picked himself up off the ground and started apologizing to the woman profusely.”

Officer Gately cited Mr. Moore, who gave his most recent address as Oak Bluffs, for improper operation of a bicycle, riding the wrong way on a one-way street, with a fine of $50.