for bill,at 89 – Eschatology: Last and First Things


an infinity cut short returns upon itself

It’s getting on for 60 years since we first came to the Island

who would have thought the time could pass so fast

“time doesn’t pass, we pass”

but the passing – the passage – is so sweet

yet here we are

Gay Head, Lighthouse Road,

a mailbox a place a now

land water sky

air wind and waves


space into time

weave time and tide into a view


where we were, what we are

passing through

It’s funny – after I’m dead, will I remember my

setting sun’s long evening light, etching in shadow

each dusky tree and bough? After, after I’m dead,

will I remember, how very nice this evening was?

ludwig peter ochs

Peter Ochs, long retired from NBC, is a veteran Gay Head hand, from before Gay Head became Aquinnah. He’s still on Gay Head time. Mr. Ochs owned a summer house on Lighthouse Road for years, but sold it a few years ago and now rents for several months annually, near where he formerly owned. The rest of the year, he lives in Vienna.