Her concerns have been satisfied


To the Editor:

I have written this letter to Paul Foley and members of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, regarding the proposal by Jim Eddy and the Big Sky Tent company for 90 Dr. Fisher Road in West Tisbury.

As you are all aware, I had many concerns over this proposal. At this time, I would like to state for the record that I am in favor of his proposal. After attending the latest hearing in regards to the proposal, I feel Mr. Eddy has addressed the neighbors’ concerns as much as feasibly possible.

I feel the downside of the proposal is the enormous size of the building. The positive side is that the building itself, being primarily a storage facility, will have minimal daily activity and therefore have little impact on the neighborhood as a whole. As history has proven to me, a couple of years after the building has been built and things settle down and the landscaping has a chance to take hold, the building will soften into its own nest in the woods, and I will hardly pay any attention to it.

According to his plan, his outside lighting is going to be of very little impact, as he stated, only over the doors, therefore for a building of this magnitude its water, electricity, and natural resource use will be extremely low.

Unfortunately, there is the traffic issue, but once again with his plans for the use of the property, the amount of traffic it is going to generate will be a lot less than many other uses that are allowed in the light industrial district.

Something is going to happen to that piece of property at some point. I don’t think the neighborhood could have a better neighbor than Mr. Eddy and Big Sky Tent.

Melissa Manter

West Tisbury