Island review: What’s your favorite?


Each week it is a tough call as to which stores I will include in the latest installment of Shop Talk. As we are blessed on our Island to have such a large variety of retail options, my thoughts can sometimes reel with the daunting task of narrowing the field.

Clothing, in some form or fashion, can be had at over 50 different venues on Island and we have 10 dedicated jewelry stores, with many others who include jewelry as part of their wares. With all our stores being so unique in their own right, it becomes difficult for all of us to choose which store to go to, or which would be your favorite. I mean, how can you choose between the traditionally exquisite pieces of jewelry offered at CB Stark and the handmade, exotic selection artfully arranged at Sioux Eagle? The same could be said in trying to choose your home furnishings. Midnight Farm is so extravagantly comforting while Vineyard Decorators is all encompassing, and that’s just two of the more than 20 furnishing stores you could choose from. Where do you head when you need a new pair of running sneakers? Are you a Basic’s fan, a Brickman’s connoisseur, or do you head to the specialists at Sports Haven?

Have you ever thought about why you will travel across the Island to shop at Cronig’s Market? Is it so you can salivate at their new well-stocked deli/meat counter? Has it ever crossed your mind to question if it is really worth the extra trip to Morning Glory Farm to get their renowned Island corn and fresh-baked pies? (I do believe the answer is a resounding YES!) Are you one of the people that can’t wait to see what Alley’s General Store is offering as a special this week? (Everyone should have their own Kazoo.)

These are just a small sampling of the questions that float through my head each week, with the resulting answers having been printed for the last year in the Shop Talk column. I feel that just sharing these thoughts aren’t enough. I want to hear from you which store is your favorite and why. For the next several weeks, I will pick one nominated store a week to showcase in the column. That way we may all learn a little more about your favorite venue.

Don’t be shy. To nominate your favorite store, just send me an email at Make sure to include your name with the store’s name and why it is your personal favorite.

Thank you for your interest and I can’t wait to see what stores are your favorites.