Officials need to get busy on flu shots


To the Editor:

Last year at this time, flu shots obtained by our local health departments were limited. We were told that senior citizens need not apply, because our health departments did not order enough, and we would have to wait later on into the winter. Needless to say, many of my friends had no protection and got the flu.

I left for Florida in the middle of December to visit with my brother, and I was amazed that flu shots were available locally without any restrictions at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc. Evidently, the ability of those stores to secure flu shots was much more efficient than our local health departments’.

To my knowledge, there has been no public announcement here on the Vineyard as to when the flu shots would be available here. In Falmouth last week, Walmart and Walgreens were advertising that they would have the flu shots for distribution to their customers at the end of this month.

To our local health departments or whoever is in charge of obtaining flu shots for the Vineyard: Can you please direct your attention to this problem? We relied on you last winter and you let us down, much to the detriment of those that suffered the pains of dealing with the flu.

Michael Murphy