SAT results positive for class of 2010


The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) class of 2010 achieved SAT scores above the state mean scores in critical reading. The class’s mean scores in critical reading and writing also are above the New England and national mean scores for all schools. In math, the class’s mean scores are above the New England mean scores, but fall below the national and state mean scores.

High school director of guidance Michael McCarthy provided the SAT results to the MVRHS school committee Monday night. Of 162 graduates in the class of 2010, 129 students, 80 percent, took the SAT.

“Looking at our longitudinal study of the mean of the highest score for each section, we see the jumps and dips in the critical reading, math, and writing scores, which occur on occasion from class to class,” Mr. McCarthy noted in a cover letter to MVRHS principal Stephen Nixon.

The SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States. In addition to SAT results, Mr. McCarthy provided a copy of the MVRHS school profile sent out to colleges, trade schools, and employers with students’ transcripts.

The school profile notes that 80 percent of the class of 2010 graduates planned to continue their education, with 106 heading to four-year colleges and 25 to two-year colleges and technology schools.

Of the 31 graduates remaining, 21 took jobs, and 10 chose other plans, such as travel and volunteer work. None went into military service.

Mr. McCarthy said the guidance staff works closely with students and parents to help each senior develop a transitional plan for graduation from high school.