Seven artists at Featherstone

Elissa Turnbull's "Artifact," an assemblage of manufactured and found objects, combines shape, color, and texture in a provocative installation. — Photo by CK Wolfson

The recent show at Featherstone Center for the Arts, Seven Artists You Should Know, was a bold pronouncement about some young and talented artists: Gretchen Baer, Ines Al-Alsoqi, Elissa Turnbull, Marshall Pratt, Richard Limber, Marnie Stanton, and Lilla Warren. The boast was made good by the adventurous, individualistic, meticulously crafted, and inventive art displayed.

While all have some connection to the Island, the artists seem to find their inspiration in more global and political situations: the environment, commercialism, conditions in improvished countries. As serious as their intentions, their work filled the Virginia Besse Gallery at Featherstone with bright colors, interesting textures, and surprising materials, and shapes, making the show, which closed yesterday, an exciting experience.