I hope someone out there is spending these sunny fall days out on the water or the beach, as we all know the same weather that is perfect for lazing about enjoying life is also perfect for lawn work, putting away outdoor furniture, and cleaning out the shed. As we prepare to build a house, we are on the working/being productive end of enjoying the weather.

Well, I’m back on both hooves just in time to pack up and move out of my house. I took a trip to the doc up in Boston who gave me the all-clear to remove the aircast from my foot and commence wearing matching shoes. I spotted Dustin Pedroia once again in the doctor’s office, and was relieved to have my husband there as witness this time, because back in July when my mom and I saw both Pedie and Jason Varitek at the doc’s, nobody believed me. So there.

I’m embarrassed to say that in all the madness of packing up and moving my entire existence, I completely forgot to attend my 15-year high school reunion. I realized this the next morning when photos began to emerge on Facebook. Luckily, Edgartown appeared well represented. Lindsay Medeiros, Andrea Dello Russo, Simon Athearn, and Brian Ditchfield were in attendance. Amy Vaughan even made the trip. I am sad I missed the opportunity to reunite with all these folks, as well as those from other towns. See you all in another five years?

One of my trusty reporters informs me that Buck Martin has returned from duck hunting with his father in Canada. News has it the temperature was in the 80s every day, and all Buck nabbed was a suntan. Better luck next time.

The 65th annual Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby wraps this weekend with an award ceremony Sunday, October 17, at Nectar’s/Flatbread Co. All Derby fans are encouraged to attend. Doors open at 12:30 pm, and the event starts at 1. The event will include a raffle to support the organization’s charitable efforts. This is a free event, and all ages are welcome. Flatbread Co. is providing the food and there is a cash bar. So get out there and celebrate the end of another Derby season.

The 4th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival takes place this weekend, October 15–16. The festival includes wines from around the world and foods prepared by chefs from Martha’s Vineyard and New England, spread over two days of events. Indulge in locally grown produce from sea and Island farms and enjoy world-class entertainment. For a full list of events and to buy tickets, visit www.mvfoodandwine.com. A portion of the proceeds from the 2010 Festival will benefit the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, and the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard.

Pastor Ramazan Arkan of the Antalya Bible Church in Turkey will be sharing the story of his religious life at the Faith Community Church, 316 Meeting House Way in Katama this Sunday, October 17, at 10 am. A Q&A will follow Sunday evening, 31 Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs at 6:30 pm.

Get your tickets now for the 39th annual all-you-can-eat Harvest Supper of the United Methodist Church of Martha’s Vineyard at Stone Church in Vineyard Haven on Saturday, October 23. There will be two sittings, at 5 and 6:45 pm. For reservations, call 508-693-1608.

Happy birthday to my lab partner from sophomore biology, Dan Deslauriers, who celebrated yesterday. Hope you had a good one.

By the time this column goes to print, I will be settled into my winter digs, deep in the heart of Edgartown. I’m looking forward to a winter of walks into town on my newly healed foot. There, you’ll find me sipping coffee on a bench while eagerly awaiting your news.