Fishermen fail to cast consideration


To the Editor:

To the two guys who protested indignantly “Hey, we’re just fishing!” Yes, I know it is tiresome to have ultra-rich summer people — who drive a 10-year-old Volvo because they can’t afford a new one — touchy about people like you acting like they have an irrevocable right to use their land. But, when the path is clearly posted “Private,” and you had to move a big log to park your huge SUV, and you can’t even be bothered to knock on our door and ask, “Mind if we park our car on your $25,000+ a-year-taxes-beach path?” — to which request we would be very happy to respond positively — then I feel justified in coming down, as you try to sneak away from me on the beach, and asking you to leave.

Especially when you give me, instead of a “Gee, sorry,” or “How about the first bluefish we catch,” a whiny riposte “Well, buddy, don’t ever come over to Chappy.”

If I do, I’ll be sure to park on your front lawn and have a barbecue. But, at least I’ll offer you a hot dog.

But, no hard feelings, come on back — all you need to do is knock. Since the 10-year-old car is in the driveway, the lawn furniture is out, the dog was barking at you, and the sprinkler is on, you knew we were home.

Christopher GrayVineyard Haven