A fishing pier and an imperishable bond


To the Editor:

About 32 years ago, my dad took my son down to the Oak Bluffs Steamship pier to fish. I went down to take some photos, and there is one of my son fishing. On a piling behind him was another boy about the same age, also fishing. They started talking to each other and spent many days fishing together down on their pier. They were summer kids and became fast friends.

As they grew older, their friendship grew stronger, not only in summers on the Island but also during the winter months, when they visited each other. They lived in different states, often far apart, but the bond was formed, never to be broken.

These two young men are now permanent residents on the Vineyard, own homes here, work here and are raising their families here, and are still best friends.

The point I would like to make here is that had they not had the opportunity to fish on the Oak Bluffs pier, Glen and Jon may never have met. They now have small children of their own and would welcome the proposed fishing pier in Oak Bluffs as a place to take their children to teach them how to fish.

Any reasons I have heard from some local residents who oppose this pier make no sense at all.

Come on people, this would be a great addition to our town, for adults and children alike.

Isabel Engley

Oak Bluffs