Islanders lose top place to mainlanders in Columbus Day 5K road race


Luke Grasmeyer, 22, of Chittenang, N.Y. won the 21st annual Oak Bluffs Columbus Day 5K, Sunday, in 16:43, slightly more than a half-minute ahead of Noah Jampol, 22, of Somerville who was second.

Erin Merritt, 26, of New York City was the fifth to complete the course and the first female. Her time was 18:58.

The rest of the top ten were men: (3) Scott Bosworth, 21, of Edgartown in 19:29; (4) Troy Beilert, 29 of Albany, N.Y. in 18:48; (6) Benjamin Bosworth, 32 of Edgartown in 19:29; (7) James Lanctot, 45 of Oak Bluffs in 19:32; (8) Mark Johnson, 29, of Oak Bluffs in 19:52; (9) Stephen Shonning, 46, of Westerley, R.I. in 20:11; (10) Scott Rogers, 15, of Acton in 20:24.

The rest of the top ten female finishers following Ms. Merritt were: (15) Sarah Burke, 17, of Eastham in 21:09; (16) Melissa Walley, 33, of Edgartown in 21:11; (29) Dale Fingar, 49 of Medway in 22:17; (35) Bonnie Kingsbury, 32 of Vineyard Haven in 23:07; (37) Lauren Spivack, 22 of Whitman in 23:21; (39) Polly Choriton, 45 of Westerly, R.I. in 23:32; (43) Andrea Conley, 37 of North Reading in 24:10; (46) Julia Barron, 14, of Braintree in 24:29; and Alina Wen, 43, of Edgartown in 24:37.

Walkers too

Two walkers from the Granite State won the Oak Bluffs Columbus Day 5K, Sunday. Leo Poland, 12, of Barrington, N.H. finished first in 36:32.

Second fastest of the 44 who walked the course was Annie Frye, 52, of Hopkinton, N.H., just nine seconds behind Leo.

The rest of the top ten striders were (3) Tammy O’Connell; (4) Paula Gowdy; (5) Ardell Otten; (6) Sydney Mullen; (7) Angel Vezzose; (8) Peter Clark, (9) Kathy Clark and (10) Mary Nickerson

Fun Run Mile

Winner of the Fun Run Mile was 13-year-old Elizabeth Bobroske of Easton, Conn. She completed the run in 7:11, just one second before another 13-year-older, Justin Horine of Fairfield, Conn.

Twenty-three youngsters and three adults finished the race.