Shrieks of laughter and chattering little voices provided a musical background on Sunday afternoon at the Tisbury School. Happy children of all sizes enjoyed balloons and pony rides and even hay rides through the cemetery. The annual Harvest Festival was a great success.

Seems our big expensive drawbridge didn’t last very long. What’s wrong with it? Last week it opened and stayed up and no boats were in sight. Pretty soon a couple of guys grabbed ladders and climbed up onto the opened bridge. Probably it was a security problem or perhaps they just wanted to see if the ferry was coming in. Who knows?

The Grace Preschool is fixing up their playground. The parents and teachers want to make the playground a safer, more useful space. What can you do? If you have plants you are dividing, especially grasses, that you can donate, leave them on the playground inside the fence. The children would also enjoy donations of planters, benches, birdbaths, or any garden items. Arrange pickup by calling the school at 508-693-0332. This is an ongoing project for this school year.

Where are all those bedbugs coming from? Good question. Turns out they may be hitchhiking on sheets and towels and clothing imported from less developed countries. While the situation is not bad on the Cape and islands, it is recommended that you wash any clothing or other materials you bring into your home before you put it in the closet or on your bed or body.

Lynne Benson says the Heath Hen Quilt & Yarn Shop is selling out. Fixtures and all. Stop by for a great bargain, up to 75% off.

Some of our policemen are being careful to stop bicyclists riding the wrong way down Main Street. How have we avoided a terrible accident? Drivers backing out of parking spaces would never think to look for cyclists coming from the wrong way. Many of the homeowners farther up Main Street have been shocked to realize, as they back out of a driveway, they have barely avoided running over children on bikes. Perhaps the town could put up a sign visible as you are coming from West Chop that reminds cyclists that one-way means bikes as well as cars.

Most adult cyclists know they should obey the rules of the road. There is one older gentleman who was very lucky that I had carefully looked again before I started up. I was stopped at the stop sign last Friday morning when he blissfully raced right through the intersection. He didn’t even pause at the sign at William and Look Streets but sped on down William going the wrong direction on that one-way street. There were few cars on the road at 7 am, but if he had run into me, that would have been one too many for him.

Last week’s announcement of the free All Island Flu Clinic on Veterans Day, November 11, brought some questions. Yes, plans are being made for children’s clinics. If you can’t find the registration form on the town website, call the town hall.

You will need to drop off the completed registration form and sign in at either Dennis Alley (Waban) Park in Oak Bluffs or at the Ag Hall in West Tisbury before you go to the high school. And there should be better signage so you enter from the back of the school. There will be twice as many drive-through lanes this year. And there will be no shortage of flu shots. The time is 8 am to noon. More information is available at 508-687-7158.

This Saturday you can buy your books at the mini book sale from 1 to 3 at the library. These sales support the children’s programs.

The very little ones will enjoy Mary Wilson’s puppets on Tuesday morning at the library. At 7 pm Tuesday evening Betty Burton will talk about DNA. She was working on this modern miracle when it first came to the public eye. Now she’ll help you understand what it is all about.

Next Wednesday at the library from 3 to 5 pm is a movie (PG) for Tweens (ages 8 to 11). The film is a comedy about a large yet lovable Great Dane and stars Owen Wilson. Thursday has Wii Games for Tweens from 3 to 5 pm. Then Game Night for Teens (grades 6 to 12) runs from 6 to 7:30 pm.

Row Twelve Chamber Music Ensemble presents a free concert this Saturday at the Chilmark Community Center. Reflections of Shakespeare: A Concert of Music, Poetry & Dance begins at 5:30 pm.

The Mansion House offers a free aqua aerobics class in the pool at 3:30 pm on Sunday for a variety of fitness levels.

The MV Garden Club will welcome guests ($5) at Tuesday’s meeting at 1 pm at the Wakeman Center. Lisa Fisher and Nancy Weaver will talk about what organic really means.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Phil Reynolds and to Christine Luce Gaskill. Christine is 93 today. Happy birthday to Jeff Serusa. He parties next Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: If someone doesn’t buy the Heath Hen, it will be extinct again.