The value of controlled burns


To the Editor:

This letter was written to Commissioner Rick Sullivan, state Department of Conservation and Recreation.

I am writing to express my gratitude for the programs Aaron Whiddon has made available to the residents of Hopps Farm Road, West Tisbury. A good slide show, home evaluations, and a cooperative effort to improve our street fire-wise.

The coordination effort with volunteers from TTOR, TNC, and tree experts with McArthur Tree Service was super. I was impressed with the professionalism. The outline of the plan, supervision of the work, and the evaluation of the effort at the end of the day — just great.

In the past, I have expressed a fear of controlled burns in the state forest. After meeting the people, like the Florida bum group, top-notch, I have changed my mind. I completely support controlled bums. It would make a lot of sense to burn according to the plans for the area off Old County Road, especially after the current mowing. Please continue to push for execution of the original plan.

I hope that what we experienced would be used by more groups, especially other road associations in the Skiffs Lane‑Great Plains Road area. I am sure more people would be interested, very interested, if they would attend Aaron Whiddon’s slide show. I hope the local newspapers would help get the word out. Again, thanks.

Peter Lenkoski

West Tisbury