Dirt bike Sundays


To the Editor:

My husband and I have been blessed with a new home at Eliakim’s Way in West Tisbury. We have spent much of our summer putting in a lawn, landscaping, getting to know our new neighbors and, unfortunately, listening to the constant drone of dirt bikes at Nip ‘n’ Tuck Farm every Saturday and Sunday all summer long.

Both of us work full-time. So it is most bothersome when, on our only days off, we are forced to listen to the noise of the bikes. I ask anyone reading this letter, how much peace and enjoyment would you derive from your weekend if your next door neighbor ran his chainsaw for two and a half hours every Saturday and Sunday? That is the noise level that we are forced to endure.

I am not exaggerating. Last weekend, my neighbor was rototilling his lawn, and the sound of the bikes drowned that out. Even with all of my windows and doors closed, I was able to hear them (and these are South Mountain-built homes, extremely well insulated!) The riders may have contacted the abutters before starting the track, but I assure you that the sound of the track travels much farther than to the abutting properties.

It is a nuisance and is an upsetting way to spend every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I invite anyone with an interest in this matter to come to Eliakim’s Way to hear for themselves what I and my new neighbors listen to every weekend. I can tell you from experience that two and a half hours of noise pollution is a long time, especially when it’s during every one of my days off.

I can appreciate that the riders took the time to get organized and put rules in place, and I have no doubt that the riders of the track are enjoying themselves, but I ask you, why is their enjoyment valued over mine? I hope we can all keep dialogue open and come to a resolution that benefits all involved. There must be a middle way.

Chrissy Kinsman

West Tisbury