To the Editor:On Halloween night, I went trick or treating with my daughter and some friends to the Franklin/North William/Spring Street area of Vineyard Haven. After an enjoyable hour and a half, I was dismayed to realize that I had lost my purse with my car keys and cell phone in it. We retraced our steps as best we could (not an easy task at night, looking for something black).

I called the Tisbury Police Station and reached the dispatcher who took down the information. We had no luck finding the purse and then called my husband to bring me my extra set of keys from home. On his way to Vineyard Haven, he called my cell phone several times, hoping that someone might have found my cell and would answer it, to no avail. However, after trying one last time, someone did answer my cell, and it was a policeman from the Tisbury Police.

He was very nice and offered to meet us at the Tisbury School where my car was parked. I would like to thank Sergeant Fiske and the person who found my purse for their kindness. It is acts such as these that reinforce my love of this Island and the wonderful community in which we live.

AnneMarie DonahueEdgartown