Holiday shopping at Laughing Bear


How quickly time flies. One minute we are basking in the summer sun and the next thing we know, Trick-or-Treaters are knocking on our door. With Halloween already gone, we are just two weeks away from the holiday season, kicking off with the much-anticipated (though we’re not quite ready for) Thanksgiving.

If you are like most of us, you are ill-prepared for the frenetic onslaught of the holiday season. You still have some time to do something about it, such as making sure you are able to dress in a jiff for that holiday party your honey forgot to tell you about until an hour before you are expected to arrive. I visited with Elaine Allen at Laughing Bear on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs to find out what is a “must have” in clothing for this holiday season.

Elaine, a very kind and fun loving individual, made me feel right at home in my hunt for holiday knowledge. She jumped right in when I asked what the current holiday trends are. “Animal prints are still in. We have a large selection of them in everything from scarves, silky rayon jackets, the popular printed tops, and dresses,” she says.

She then went on to talk about another item, velvet. “We have the decadent velvet scarf and glove sets. Cocoon velvet jackets with a design or print on them, which work great to dress up existing tanks and skirts that you already have. Taking the lead from Hollywood, we adore the new partial see-through garments with lace and textured fabrics. The scalloped, layered skirts, that are not necessarily ruffled, will also be hot this season.”

Elaine was quick with remedies on how to update your existing wardrobe this season. She suggested: “Adding a velvet shawl or jacket, using a belt at your waistline, add in a pair of hot knee-high boots instead of the traditional pump, and finally you could go as simple, yet striking, with a new hair clip or accessory.”

In addition, Elaine reminded us, “We still have lots of solids in basic colors to be mixed and matched. Our ladies store has clothing from sized extra-small to two or three extra-large, depending on the designer. You will find all your accessories, like bags, jewelry, hats, and scarves.”

Finally, Elaine had some suggestions for some holiday gifts you can buy now to ease your time crunch later. “Hanky Panky lace camisoles work great as a gift or to spice up an old outfit. The Mary Greensilk eye masks are double-sided with cute sayings like Hot Tonight/Not Tonight. There is the wonderful Sacred Thread woven neck shawl and comfy leggings that look great with a pair of tall boats or a mini-skirt. Finally, a pair of tights are always appreciated and you could even use them to pull an outfit together for yourself.”

So, don’t let the holidays get you crazy, start with planning for the party scene and make your holidays more enjoyable.