A right to recreate


To the Editor:

Live and let live. Mr. Greenwell opened up a whole can of worms on this one (Letters, Oct. 14). What he doesn’t get is people have been riding here for over the 50 years. I’ve been there, and they’re not going to stop because of a few people making a stink about it.

Everybody has a right to their own recreation being whatever that is within the law, of course. What a lot of newcomers don’t understand is this is not only an Island, it’s a home to many people. We all have daily lives in which many work long hours to be able to live here, whether we chose to live here or not. It’s not Fantasy Island, where you move here and everything is just peaceful and serene. Those days are long gone 20 years ago.

Some retired to the Island, think, “I’m here now, don’t even think of making any noise near me. I deserve my peace and quiet.” But life goes on. Wait until shotgun season opens and several shots wake you up at the break of daylight. This season is usually extended for two weeks, which means dawn to dusk bang, bang, bang for two weeks. This is something true Islanders just know what to expect and deal with it, so you have to suck it up sometimes. Everybody has their own life.

This island is getting smaller all the time, we have to all try to co-exist with each other with minimal conflict. No one person or group has more right to their own peace than another. If you can only afford to live where you live you have to deal with it.

I personally live up the road from Yellow Brick Road, where the complaint originated, and I also hear some of the noise. It’s not like a jet taking off, like people seem to exaggerate. I’m out in the yard a lot and just hear some slight throttle noise, like when they go over a hill once in a while. If you know anything about bikes, two-strokes make more noise than four-strokes, which Fred doesn’t allow two-strokes to ride there.

You cannot exceed a certain decibel level anyway. We can put up with all the summer noise, day and night from moped horns, people yelling, loud stereos from open jeeps. And let’s not forget the really loud Harley’s with no mufflers, just straight pipes. Talk about loud? I don’t have anything against them, but don’t know how that’s legal on the roads. One person made a good point — they should have known when they moved into the South Mountain affordable housing, what the farm activity was.

We live next to the bike path parking lot, and there is noise from car doors, car alarms, kids yelling, people talking loud, with more activity on the weekends, we deal with it. You can’t stop them, it’s not against the law between certain times of the day.

I get so sick of people singling out dirt bikes because they don’t understand it. Maybe they should rent “On Any Sunday” to get an idea. By the way, the idea of a dirt bike starting a forest fire is zilch. Stated from one DCR fireman, careless people start fires, not dirt bikes.

I still can’t understand why nothing is set up in the state forest. With over 5,000 acres, there must be some spot. Yes, that’s right, this is only an Island, not the real world we live in.

Donald Rogers

West Tisbury