Vineyard travel poster at auction


In 1924, a time when tourism wasn’t as booming an industry, the New Haven Railroad commissioned New York City artist John Held Jr. to design a series of posters advertising New England resorts and vacations. On Monday, Nov. 15, one of his posters done in 1934 depicting Martha’s Vineyard, “The Enchanted Isle/Martha’s Vineyard,” will be available for purchase at Swann Galleries Rare and Important Travel Posters Sale in New York City. The estimated value is between $5,000 and $7,500.

The following is an excerpt from the full catalogue description for the lot of posters: “Mr. Held, a well-known delineator of eastern establishment culture, whose Vanity Fair and Life magazine illustrations and cartoons introduced two of the era’s defining caricatures — the happy-go-lucky flapper and her straw-hatted guy, Joe College — proved a prescient choice. His New Haven designs talked to the new, jazzy cultural elite.”

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