Cafe Moxie’s latest transition


To the Editor:

The state of construction at Moxie, 48 Main Street in Vineyard Haven, is a result of setbacks and tight money, nothing as juicy as the rumors I’ve had to listen to for months. However, rumors that I sold my share to Mike Ryan did come true on November 3. He will “get it done.” I’m sure.

To recap, this all started as a fire on July 4, 2008. I was underinsured. Loan officers pretty much sealed fate by calling in the note. Everything else was just damage control — trying to rebuild and holding out for the financial calvary. That fire insurance went directly to the bank. They take the money that would have allowed you to rebuild. (At one point, my public adjuster and the loan officers actually were in a standoff, fighting over the money for their commission.)

It was a long and sordid campaign I wouldn’t wish on anyone. For those that lost possessions in the fire — art, as I certainly did, unused gift certificates, etc. — you could do me a huge favor: please let it go. Two and a half years down the road, and I’m still dealing with it.

In hindsight, we had a good long run in a great little restaurant . Purchased in 2001. After the inherited chef, things smoothed out. We watched the world walk through those doors every night. We enjoyed some of the best staff, best clientele, and best times. We had the pleasure of serving you, the customer. Sounds sappy, but you all really made it worthwhile. Too many people and too many memories. Ran like a lawn mower on nitro in the summer . Blood, sweat, and tears, literally.

Special thanks to Cindy Curran, easily one of the best restaurant people you will ever meet. What can I say? I don’t think you could squeeze any more out of it, or us. It’s as though we approached the metaphysical and physical limits of what was possible. “The light that burns twice as bright…can only last half as long.”

Paul Currier