Shelter’s salvation continues


To the Editor:

On behalf of the directors of the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard, I want to thank MVRHS art teacher Paul Brissette and his students for creating the stickers to go on our donation jars. The students who contributed are: Molly Ciciora, Kelsey Dondeneau, Katherine Donegan, Aofe Estes, Skylah Forend, Elia Mahoney, Sean McAndrews, Taylor Poggi, Katy Smith, Madeline Webster and John Woodruff.

This is one more example of how the community of the Vineyard has come together to save the animal shelter that was left behind by the MSPCA. We also wish to express our gratitude to the merchants and veterinarians who display our jars. When you’re out and about and see our donations jars please remember we are a no-kill shelter and exist solely on donations. The animals truly do, and will, appreciate your support.

Duncan Ross


Oak Bluffs