Trash fees for brush ill considered


To the Editor:

I do not object to the price increase for a trash sticker or for the landfill drop-off sticker. However, when I visited the landfill, I was surprised to see the cost for disposing brush would go from free to $25 a truckload.

First of all, it would seem to me the the landfill sticker should not only allow you to enter the premises to dispose of recyclable items but should also cover brush disposal.

Secondly, there is no distinction between the sizes of the trucks or if there is a charge if you bring brush in your car. Citizens should be encouraged to dispose of brush at one point rather than dumping in the woods because it is environmentally prudent, could lower brush fire risks, and keeps the landscape more pristine.

Charging for brush disposal is not the way to inspire proper discarding of brush. The Oak Bluffs selectmen should reconsider their decision.

Tom Goodale

Oak Bluffs