Voters have spoken; what did they say?


To the Editor:

Well, America has spoken, loudly and clearly.We cannot say for sure if this was a vote directly againstPresident Obama, but we are certain it was not a vote for him and his position.

The vote was striking. Nearly the entire country voted overwhelmingly Republican. Which reminds me of a race sometime ago, McGovern “one” and Nixon “forty-nine” and we can see where that got us.

I sincerely hope that we can come together as a nation, and if the Republicans can turn things around, more power to them. However, I personally am less than optimistic.

Yes, America has spoken, but what is the world, the global community, saying about this election. Given that they elected to award President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize just as he took office, it’s funny. I don’t even recall that he had done very much to deserve that except, that is, of course just for being himself. Well, the world is destined to tell us how they feel about this election, and I, for one, can’t wait.

Ken Lay


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