We, the tossed salad


To the Editor:

Ok, now I’ve got to get on my soap-box. I’ve heard just about enough about how President Obama is the one at fault for those many folks on welfare or unemployment. Everything isn’t always President Obama’s fault. And from 2000-2008, everything wasn’t President Bush’s fault either.

Let’s remember, President Obama didn’t invent welfare, the mortgage crisis, corporate fraud or tweakers in bars. Neither did Presidents Bush or Clinton. Let’s be honest here, corporate America created the very reason for welfare by their profit hoarding and pilfering of the savings and retirement of most if not all Americans, with the blessing of the last three presidents and the SEC, knowingly or otherwise. Political donors and corporate America spent millions covering up the economic dangers and flounderings by spinning the story, using our unbiased (he said, laughing inside), “state” run media to entertain us all. Things haven’t been good with the economy and the world stage since 2001.

In 2008, this country was on the absolute brink of total economic collapse, and people, more than one person was to blame. We are duped by the corporate fed media machine (present media excluded) into blaming each other, while the corporate machine goes merrily on. So, we blame one party or the other. We argue back and forth that the liberals are ruining this country. The other side says the conservatives are ruining this country. The simple truth is a fact that we all need to remember: Our politicians do not and should not define America. People in this country define America.

Yeah, there is welfare abuse out there. Always has been, look it up. But are we really a country that would put the less fortunate into the street without any food or a roof over their heads? I would like to think not. I know all too well, as I’ve been there.

I remember wondering how we were going to eat. I remember sleeping behind a church only to be awakened and asked to move elsewhere. I remember wondering if I was ever going to have a place to live and a job. I know what it feels like to get angry and fight back too. We all have that fight in us. We’ve just forgotten how to use it for good.

My heart goes out to the kid that just paid for and graduated college only to find that the jobs for educated folks out there are paying just above poverty level. My heart also goes out to the new demographic of welfare and unemployment recipients, those due to layoffs from companies they thought they’d retire from. It also goes out to our senior-most folks, the folks forced out of retirement and into the Walmart workforce because Fanny Mae, Bernie Madoff, AIG, and numerous other corporate monsters like them cooked the books and caused these new poor to lose their retirement, their savings, their homes, and in some cases their will.

It ain’t about what political party you belong to, and frankly, I’m sick of all sides of that old, tired, media and politician-driven argument. Each side has the same core belief, a sustained America. The real problem is that not enough Americans vote, and a lot that do believe the lies that they are fed by the status quo. But at least they vote. Why is it that the loudest voices, while usually heard, usually don’t vote? Yeah, yeah, I know, they feel their vote isn’t worth a plugged nickel. Yet another tired, old, overused excuse to bitch and complain and do nothing more. Gee whiz people, what if 90 percent or more Americans voted in the next election? Do you think we’d see real changes then? Bank on it.

As for the guy or gal on welfare or unemployment, I don’t personally know what their situation is. But if they are at least trying to better your situation, even if it hasn’t happened yet, heck, who are we to put them down. We, the people of this great country, are all in this together, albeit our tree huggers, NRA patch-wearing rednecks, Bible thumpers and those new folks sipping their tea. We are a tossed salad of beautiful people, and nobody is right if everybody is wrong. God bless the United States of America. Now, somebody help me off this damn soapbox.

Shaun McCarron

La Jolla, CA