Wonderful support


To the Editor:

Again this year, the community demonstrated incredible generosity and support for the MVRHS Minnesingers at the annual auction, held at the P-A club on Saturday evening, both by donating wonderful auction items and by attending the event.

There are many people to thank. First, thanks to the Minnesinger Parents’ Group, whose tireless efforts on behalf of their kids paid off with tasty food, lovely décor, amazing auction items, and an all-round good time; Charlene Alley and everyone at the P-A club for their valuable assistance and a great venue; Trip Barnes, expert auctioneer, who always keeps the crowd engaged and entertained; and to Sal Esposito and Daniel Reid who provided acoustic guitar music during the silent auction.

The Minnesingers will repay the Island community with a celebration of holiday music at the Winter Concerts in December and their Spring Show in May, and as ambassadors of music, representing Martha’s Vineyard and the United States on their performance tour to Prague and Paris in April. Thank you to everyone.

Janis Wightman


MVRHS Minnesingers