Dan Rossi named West Tisbury police chief


West Tisbury selectmen appointed interim Chief Dan Rossi of West Tisbury to the permanent job.

Chairman Richard Knabel and selectman Cynthia Mitchell announced the decision on November 10.

The third selectman, Jeffrey “Skipper” Manter, did not take part in the deliberations, the decision, or the interviews that took place Saturday. Mr. Manter, who was not at the meeting November 10, is also a West Tisbury police sergeant and was a finalist in the selection process. He withdrew before the finalists were interviewed.

Chief Rossi was named interim chief earlier this year, when Beth Toomey retired from the job in mid-April, after 16 years as chief.

A complete account of the public interviews of the three finalists for the chief’s job appears elsewhere on mvtimes.com.

“I am taking a sigh of relief,” the new chief said after the decision had been made and announced. And he repeated what he had said during the weekend long interview process, that his taking over as chief will be a “seamless process.”

Ms. Mitchell, who moderated Saturday’s interviews, explained her selection of Chief Rossi this way. “He has pitch perfect feel for the town.”

Mrs. Mitchell said that the new chief was “excited” to develop the police department’s budget when he served as acting chief. She said he will be looking for ways to save. “He is exactly what I was looking for,” the selectman said. “There was no contest, there is no question in my mind that we have a superior candidate in house.”

“All three finalists are qualified for a leadership position, to be a police chief somewhere,” Mr. Knabel said, He said the decision “is one of the most important, if not the most important job for a selectman. We have in Dan Rossi an officer ready, willing, and certainly able to lead the department.”

The town will now begin contract negotiations with Chief Rossi. The chief said he expects the town to want a three-year contract, as has been the case in the past. As acting chief, his salary was $89,600 annually.