Inside info


To the Editor:

For many it is the height of deer season, but in my house it is the start of fruit fly season. Their initial attacks caught me by surprise and caused me to rush to Shirley’s for the answer. I left with two items.

First, an apple-shaped plastic container with a small opening and a special (patent pending) liquid to pour into the container which should then be placed in a busy fruit fly area.

The second item I left with (at no cost) was a copy of a secret fruit fly destruction recipe handed down through generations of Shirley’s insiders. It requires a bowl, water, and a few household ingredients.

So far, after nearly 24 hours, the score is: new plastic gadget, zero flies trapped; old secret recipe plus-8 flies trapped.

Hope this helps you in the war against fruit flies.

George J. Balco
Vineyard Haven