MVC should be shrunk


To the Editor:

Edgartown is justified to challenge the unbalanced funding they have been contributing to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC).

Each town has the ability to benefit equally from the broad powers of the MVC, so they should all pay equally. But the MVC needs to examine their out-of-control budgets and the way they do business.

I would estimate that 80 percent of the projects before the MVC could and should be handled by the local towns under their local zoning regulations. The MVC should be reserved only for major projects having a regional, Island-wide impact, and the MVC does not need to meet more than once a month.

The staff should be cut to two persons, and term limits of three years should be enforced for all voting members. Though there are many who feel the MVC should be abolished, I don’t. However, it must be scaled down and its budget could be decreased by 60 percent, without any sacrifice to the goals of protecting our Island.

Paul Adler

West Tisbury