RCBL: Suns and Bulls win


The first RCBL game Monday evening at the B&G Club was really two games. The Lakers jumped off to an early lead over the Suns and nursed it to the mid-game break, 47-40. Heath Estrella paced the Lakers attack scoring 18 first-half points.

The second half was another story entirely. The Lakers turned cold as the Suns burned bright, especially Sterling Bishop and Matt Brown, both of whom scored 16 second-half points. Final count: Suns 116, Lakers 88.

In the second game of the evening the Bulls edged ahead of the Heat to lead at the break, 41-39 and grew that to a 10-point winning margin, 95-85.

Damon Mello (27) and Brant Silvia (29) and Asil Cash (26) did most of the damage for the Bulls. Tim Scott buried six treys for the Heat. John Swan finished the game with 18 points. Clark Agnew added 15 and Ryan Murtha had 13.

Standings: Bulls 2-0, Lakers 1-1, Suns 1-1, Heat 0-2.

Next Monday it’s Bulls vs. Lakers at 6:15 and Heat vs. Suns at 8:00 pm.