START treaty now


To the Editor:

This is letter to Senators Kerry and Brown:

It is time for the Senate to cut bloated nuclear stockpiles and restore inspections of Russia’s nuclear arsenal by approving the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

Since New START was signed in April, a vast array ofexperts — Republicans and Democrats alike — have lined up in favor of the treaty. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has noted that New START has “the unanimous support of America’s military leadership.”

Treaties require careful consideration, but at this point Senators have all the information necessary to reach a decision on New START. The Senate has held 21 hearings and briefings on the treaty, and the White House formally answered more than 900 questions from Senators. In September, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recommended ratification with a strong and increasingly rare bipartisan vote of 14-4.

Please, let’s put politics aside and national security first by ratifying the treaty this year.

Chris Fried