Vineyard Fitness Center closed


Vineyard Fitness Center, operated by Brad and Maureen Hill, has closed.

The doors are locked and all the exercise equipment is gone from the gym’s former location in the Edgartown triangle business district. The phone number is disconnected. There is no information for former members of the gym posted at the location.

Vineyard Fitness Center sold memberships ranging from one month to one year, at a cost of $75 to $600, according to the company’s web site.

“They were quite a bit behind in their rent,” said Edgartown businessman Paul Ronan, who rented space to the gym. “We made an adjustment in their rent, to see if they could make it work. The next thing I knew, in October, they were packing up to leave.”

The Times attempted to reach Brad and Maureen Hill in October, during the final days the gym was open. They did not respond to several phone calls requesting comment.