Seasonal greens and good works in West Tisbury


Both the sanctuary and the parish hall of the First Congregational Church in West Tisbury were chock-a-block with decorations and food and gifts on Saturday, the day of the church’s annual Christmas Faire.

The always popular sale of wreaths that have been adorned by church members drew a crowd of enthusiastic shoppers early in the day.

A table of fair-trade items like coffee, chocolate, and tea raised money for mission work — both local and overseas — conducted by the church. Votive candles sold by church’s Children’s Project raised money for School Kits, a Church World Service program that supplies students in the developing world with the basic tools for studying — notebooks, pencils, rulers, erasers, crayons, and scissors.

Food — baked goods, preserves, and other treats — sold at a brisk pace throughout the day.

The church was buzzing all morning and into the early afternoon, and organizers said the sale proceeds, which are dedicated to restoration of the church building, exceeded expectations, happily.